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Lisa Schneider

I am the person that takes care of our little friends - the moths. In my day to day work, I plan the cycles of when we feed them so every member of the team can use them for their research. Furthermore, I am responsible for our feeding process to run as smoothly as possible. If someone in the team needs help, I can always assist.

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About me

Hey there, I am Lisa and I currently study Biological Sciences in my bachelors degree at the University of Konstanz. I also work here at Visual Insect Neuroethology Lab as a student assistant. 
I got my interest for studying biology through my fascination of how very little natural process actually work, what impact they have on our day to day life and how big the impact can actually be. Moreover, my passion for our little friends, as well as other small animals, came through the thought  that they may be small but still worth exploring as they are more complex than one might think.

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