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Yvonne Hertenberger

As our new lab technician, I will support all the cool science going on in our lab. And even though I did my Master thesis with locust, I'm already fond of our cute little moths.

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About me

I’m passionate about collective behaviour, neurobiology, insect brains and much more. During my time here at the university of Konstanz, both throughout my master's thesis and my role as a HiWi in various neuro-insect projects, I’ve had the chance to explore my passions. During my master thesis, I investigated an immunohistochemical staining technique primarily in locusts, but I also had the chance to include different insects like the honey bee, the American cockroach and even the tiny fruit fly and its larvae. This gave me invaluable insights into the anatomical complexities of insect brains, their sensory perception mechanisms, how they see, smell and feel the world and how they react to it.

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