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Anna Stöckl

I am fascinated by how sensory systems process information to give animals access to the world around us. Since school days, vision has struck me as the most marvelous of all senses (though I am happy to debate this point!). At the core of my work is the question of how neurons transport and transform the signals they receive from the eyes into a meaningful output that guides an animal's behaviour. Thus, I’ve spent a lot of my time listening to neurons fire action potentials, but I also investigate neuroanatomy and behaviour, build computational model,s and have recently become very interested to quantify the natural visual information animals perceive in their environments.

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... can be found here - all summarised in the words of a very wise bear.

Contact Info

0049 7531 88 5075

There once was a moth with pink hue,
Who sheltered beneath an umbrella true,
When raindrops would fall,
It would stay dry through it all,
A sight both unique and quite lovely to view.

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