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Clara Wiedemann

Hey there, my name is Clara, and I am currently studying biological sciences at the university of Constance. One of my primary interests is gaining new insights into different areas of science. This is one reason I have elected to pursue my Master`s degree in the Visual Insect Neuroethology Lab, following my Bachelor's degree in Genetics.
Bumblebees play a crucial role as pollinators in our ecosystem, and an understanding of their behaviour and preferences is essential for advancement of conservation efforts. The study of bumblebees ‘preferences for different floral patterns, orientations, and positions can provide insights into their visual perception and decision-making processes.

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my project

The capacity to differentiate between and to recognize spatial patterns and the shape of objects is crucial in numerous behavioural contexts. The objective of my Master`s thesis is to examine how bumblebees interact with different pattern types of artificial flowers. I will study bumblebees (Bombus terrestris) and will investigate how they recognize and select a pattern outside of their nest. It is of interest to ascertain whether they exhibit a preference for specific visual floral properties, such as the type of the pattern (concentric vs radial), its position and the orientation.

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